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Architektur goes Design
Visworx Creative was established 2004 as a full-service interactive agency. Our business field extends the ranges of Architecture, Visualization, Graphic Design and Webdesign. Our competence lies in the conception and development of graphic services and products, which find their employment f.e. within the ranges of „New Media”. In addition we offer conventional architect and designer achievements. Visworx Creative works fast, flexibly and cost effective.

We implement particular small orders and contracts, which are usually not accepted by large offices for profitability reasons. Among our customers rank businesses, enterprises and private individuals from the real estates-, building and handicraft industry.

Services from a single source
Visworx Creative has a clear competitive advantage – unite specialists of different branches and professions – technical and creative talent.

That offers the following use to the customer:

  • Only one partner, but with twice the know-how
  • Holistic technical conversion of your order
  • Short, clear communication and information paths
  • Web presentations when desired in two languages (German/English)
  • Time gained by our flexible work times
  • Cost reduction as there is only one contractor
  • Over 12 years of experience and satisfied customers